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Quetta Gladiators are facing off against Peshawar Zalmi tonight. Which team will emerge victorious? Let us know in the comments! #PSL2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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Karachi Kings are up against Islamabad United tonight. Which team will qualify for the finals? Let us know in the comments! #PSL2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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If you are an avid BBQ lover, then our Tikka Macaroni is the perfect recipe for you to enjoy this weekend. ... See MoreSee Less

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Which team will score the most runs? Share your predictions in the comments below. #PSL2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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Show your support for your favorite team by commenting below! #PSL2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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Here are some exciting pictures from our cooking competition at Shah Vilayat School in Karachi, celebrating the spring season, in which parents and teachers participated.
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What will be the max score of the match and by which team? Let us know in the comments! #PSL2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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Lahore Qalandars are facing off against Karachi Kings today. Can you guess the number of catch outs in the match? #PSL2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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Can you guess the man of the match? Let us know in the comments! #PSL2018 ... See MoreSee Less

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Congratulations Sana Faisal Baig! Kindly inbox us your contact details #InternationalWomensDay #Winner ... See MoreSee Less

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The Red Ribbon

The red in the ribbon on either side of the Bake Parlor trademark compliments the company’s true risk taking philosophy and passion for food innovation that has helped us propel to the top of the Pakistani food industry. Bake Parlor is the pioneer in marketing Pasta in Pakistan and is widely accredited for its contribution to creating awareness and in increasing size of the pasta industry over the last two decades through continuous innovation via execution of the blue ocean strategy particularly for its Recipe Mix range.

Old Burgundy Backdrop

The old burgundy backdrop in our logo takes us back to the 90’s era when the Bake Parlor logo was designed with the goal to give the brand the personality it is known for today as one characterized by sophistication. The vision of our company and are current position as market leaders interpret the psychological seriousness and energy that allows us to dream and be ambitious even today.

Golden Wheat Grains

The significance of wheat is love and charity, that embeds in our corporate tradition to nurture and give back to the communities we operate in. Rasul group partners with several non-profit organizations to play its part as a socially responsible company. Rasul group owns the largest flourmills in Pakistan and is one of the biggest wheat consumers in Pakistan. Our quality control over raw material procurement gives us a real competitive advantage.

White Font

White is an inherently positive color and is associated with purity, light, goodness, humility, safety and understanding; traits synonymous with our company’s values and traditions.